Portable Appliance Testing and Tagging Services

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Tony’s Test & Tags provide a full, extensive range of quality testing and tagging services. Our workers are fully qualified to service residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural establishments.

We consistently go above and beyond to keep your business safe.

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Our Fully Qualified Team

All our staff are fully qualified and trained to handle any electrical testing requirements.

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The Full Service

We thoroughly test and tag a wide range of appliances, 3-phase equipment, and residual-current devices.

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Our Quotes

We provide free, no-obligation quotes, ensuring value for money.

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Our Convenient Location

Our Box Hill North location makes it easy for you to bring your appliances to us, or we can come to you.

Our Approach

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Our team is approachable and friendly. We consistently deliver qualified services to cater to your electrical needs. We promise minimal disruption, to keep your business running smoothly. Our team schedule jobs in advance, but we are more than happy to provide last-minute servicing.

We adhere to all Work Safe standards and regulations, reducing the risk to your company and our workers.

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Maintaining Electrical Equipment

We test every RCD, electrical system and appliance. We also bring electronic asset registers and full documentation for every service.

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Ensuring School Safety

We work after-hours, at a time that minimises disruption to students.

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Commercial Safety Testing

Our quality testing and tagging services minimise the risk of electrical fires and shocks.

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Ensuring Hotel Appliances

We ensure the safety of your patrons and employees with electrical testing and tagging for hotels. We will work at a time that reduces disruptions.

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Re-Testing Reminders

We will test every appliance required, providing you will friendly reminders. We ensure your testing and tagging is kept up to date, adhering to OH&S standards.

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Microwave Leakage Testing

We use industry-grade equipment to eliminate microwave radiation leakage.

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RCD Testing

Our RCD Testing complies with the National Work Health & Safety Regulations. See the Work Safe Australia PDF to read National Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 to ensure your business is compliant.

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For more on our testing and tags services, call 0418 560 236