Electrical Test and Tag Dandenong

Your home and business should be a place of comfort and safety, and ensuring your electricals and appliances are key to ensuring the safety of your family, employee and customers.  With over 11 years of industry experience, Tony’s Test and Tag are leaders in their field and can assist with all your electrical testing needs. Our professional team are highly qualified and armed with all the technical knowledge and practical skills to conduct the most reliable electrical testing for your home and business. Our team provide high quality service to the residents of Dandenong and are committed to providing excellent customer service to all our clients.

Maintain your Compliance with Reliable Test and Tagging

Maintaining commercial compliance can not only be time consuming, it can be downright confusing. Making sure your property, tools, appliances and procedures are all up to date and comply with the most recent compliance rules is vitally important when it comes time for an audit. Tony’s Test and Tag can provide extensive testing for all your commercial needs, and help make sure you maintain 100% compliance.

Test and Tag Services

We are dedicated to maintaining our education and ensure our team, methods and qualifications are completely up to date with the most recent industry regulations and best practice. Our licenced technicians are qualified to provide a range of electrical testing and can provide all appliance, electrical and RDC testing.

Tony’s Test and Tag Services include:

  Commercial Testing and tagging

  Electrical testing and tagging

– RD Test and Tagging

– Testing for microwave leakage

– Residential test and tag

Our professional team are qualified to test the electricals of schools, residential properties, hospitals, warehouses, businesses, workshops, hotels, hospitality venues and much more.

Dandenong Test and Tag with No Hidden Costs

We are proud to provide excellent customer service and are committed to maintaining open and transparent communication so you know what to expect from your test and tag service. Tony’s Test and Tag prices include everything from labelling to labour so you can be sure you know your costs up front with no hidden fees or unwanted surprises.

After Hours Test and Tag

We know how important it is to maintain a comfortable and efficient workplace and provide a convenient afterhours test and tag service for maximum convenience. No need to interrupt your services or business, simply call Tony’s Test and Tag and book an afterhours service.

Book electrical testing in Dandenong

Tony’s Test and Tag are the trusted provider of electrical testing in Dandenong. Visit our services page to learn more about what we offer, or if you are ready to book simply contact us on 0418 56 0236 on to arrange a service at a time that suits you.